Who we are

We are your BC doctors - family doctors, surgeons and specialists - banding together to fight for medical freedom for all of us ... especially for our children.

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About the Society

A new non-member-funded society created to support legal actions in BC. 

• A Society incorporated under the Societies Act in the Province of British Columbia.

• Business number S0076329.

• Date of incorporation: April 4, 2022.

About our Purposes

We represent a group of 100 doctors who are opposed to PHO mandates for healthcare workers. We are fighting for science, truth and vaccine choice.

• To identify and eliminate unethical practices in medicine.

• To educate the public regarding unethical pressures on medical practice.

• To advocate for the elimination of unethical pressures on medical practice.

• To develop ethical practice groups in order to uphold the highest standard in medical practice.

• To receive funds from donors and members to support the above activities, including legal actions for these activities.

• To educate Society members regarding the highest ethical medical practice.