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Dr. York Hsiang | Update on Week 2 of Judicial Review of vaccine mandates for healthcare workers in BC

December 4, 2023

Dr. York Hsiang summarizes Week 2 of the Judicial Review investigating Dr. Bonnie Henry’s vaccine mandates imposed on healthcare workers in BC. He outlines key data and arguments presented in court. Dr. Hsiang is a VGH vascular surgeon, UBC professor, and member of the Canadian Society for Science and Ethics (CSSEM). Click on the link above or the image at right to view the interview.


Legal Update - Judicial Review

Our petition for a Judicial Review has now been heard in BC Supreme Court. Our lawyers reviewed the evidence - contained within the affidavits submitted earlier - for the judge to convince him that the vaccine mandates imposed by the BC Provincial Health Officer were NOT REASONABLE and should be quashed! The judge is also hearing two other petitions related to COVID-19 mandates as part of the same court assignment - the last of these presentations are being heard starting on December 18. The judge has verbalized during the court proceedings that the 'reasonableness' of the mandate comes down to TRANSMISSION. He gets it ... so let's hope that his decision is not sullied by the extraneous details that the PHO lawyers my submit to distract him from this core issue.

Go to our Legal page to see the [actual] Petition for Judicial Review and more detailed analysis.


Legal Update - Hospital Privileges

Our appeal to the Hospital Review Board to re-hire one of our members who was fired from a hospital within the Interior Health Authority has been lost. The ruling states that while an individual health care professional has the right to choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or not, there are professional consequences to this decision which include the loss of hospital privileges.

As with most of these mandates and court decisions, the fact that getting a COVID-19 injection does not prevent infection or transmission seems to be unimportant!

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