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Legal Update - Judicial Review, June 2023

During the week of December 5, 2022, Justice Simon R. Coval of the BC Supreme Court met with the lawyers from all sides to clarify the scope of the 'record' that the government was asked to provide - the details of the data that they reviewed to determine the PHO directives concerning vaccination and lockdown mandates. Justice Coval decided that he had "evidence enough" from the government to rule on the matter and did not require the full 'record' of documents. As the dates scheduled for the 'JR' approached, it became clear to our excellent lawyers that Judge Coval was unlikely to rule in our favour based on his preliminary decisions ... so the petition for JR is to be amended or withdrawn to make a 2nd, and likely more successful, submission to the court.

Go to our Legal page to see the [actual] Petition for Judicial Review and more detailed analysis.

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