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Go to the Bill36 Info page for all of the BCRising Bill 36 resources to download and share.

This page is primarily to share articles, blogs, vlogs and opinions [even some poetry!] concerning Bill 36 and the ongoing grassroots campaign to get this law (Health Professions and Occupations Act) repealed.


DRUTHERS October 2023 online edition

Read the articles about Bill 36 and Bill C47.

The PDF version can be found here.

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August 19, 2023

Interview: Dr. Ben Turner (President of CSSEM) speaks about Bill 36 and government control of healthcare.

Click here to view the interview on


Call Now!

24-hour recorded 2-min Bill 36 info hotline (604) 659-9476


"Dix needs to listen to health-care providers"
Comment: Dr. Kevin Koopman, June 26, 2023

Health Minister Adrian Dix uses the findings of adviser Harry Cayton to defend the rapid introduction and approval of Bill 36, but refuses to comment on the contradictory content from the report and snubbing the issues raised by the Doctors of BC.


Letter: Put money into BC health system, not U.S. pockets.

Carol Money, May 30, 2023; click on green box at left to open letter.


Letter: Quietly stabbed health care in the back.

Ingrid Pincott, February 1, 2023; click on green box at left to open letter. ;

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Stand Up and Say NO!

Health Care providers wake up, can’t you see?

In November last year, Bill 36 became a reality.

The government will dictate what you say and what you do,

Policies you don’t believe in, will soon become new.


Like giving a political opinion that does more harm than good,

Rather than giving a medical one, like you know you should…

Could result in you paying a sizeable fine,

Spreading the truth could result in jail time.


Now there’s Henry and Eby and Adrian Dix,

They’ll work together to make a quick fix,

Already up to 6000 of your colleagues have abandoned their trade,

Look what a mess these politicians have made.


The new policies will destroy what we had,

Now we close emergency wards which is criminal and sad.

This beautiful province is vital and strong

Allowing politicians to destroy it would be very wrong.


Many of your colleagues will give their quiet “goodbye”

Rather than stay in this province and have to comply.

Come September if more vaccinations are in store,

Are you prepared for more harms and much much more?


Health Care in British Columbia is falling apart right to the core,

What we need are our seasoned health workers back on the floor.

Let your patients know that they will be sacrificing the right to choose,

When they trust the government to be their doctor, the good doctors they will lose. 


For the first time in your life you may have to stand tall,

Say NO to the government, you don’t want Bill 36 at all!

Let our doctors do what they do best, taking care of the sick,

And tell the government stay out of health care and Say NO to Dix!


Mia Liberta

Our Walk on Holy Ground

How can I question the divinity of life

When the white crested sparrow

Returns every year to assure me all is well

With his gentle reassuring call?


Or… the yellow tailed butterfly flitting

From flower to flower many miles from nowhere….


Or….the summer sun sparkling on the sea


Or… the gentle chanting of the breeze in the trees

Reminding me that everything is as it should be?


Or… the sliver moon that has set for eons

And is setting once again in the company of the evening star.


Or… the robins that return every year

To isolated places, far from the human ear.

Why are they singing if not for us to hear?


Or… the lavender that blooms in my garden

Bringing to it the butterflies and bees,

Without me having to do anything at all!


Though the wars of the world rage around us,

We always carry with us our divinity

That inner dwelling place of love

That sparkles fairy dust all around us..


As we go gently…

on this walk of life…

on holy ground.


Ingrid Pincott June 25th 2023

Fifth Day of Summer

What's wrong with Bill 36?
Why 17,500 people signed a petition opposing BC's new healthcare act.

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Now is not the time.
BC faces growing backlash from health care professionals over Bill 36.

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