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Donation tracker updated on May 24, 2024.

We are going to appeal Judge Coval's decision concerning the judicial review.

Our amazing lawyer, Peter Gall, will be representing CSSEM for this appeal and not charging us any additional legal fees.

We are expecting the judge to apply court costs to us (as we lost) so we need to raise a bit more money for these costs associated with the judicial review and [likely] for the Appellate Court. Total will be $35,000 or less. We are RIGHT and NOT GIVING UP! This case is for ALL health care workers!

Donation tracker updated on April 11, 2024.

Thanks to YOU ... we met our fundraising goal of $530,000 to pay legal fees associated with the petition for a Judicial Review of vaccine mandates in BC.

3 ways to give ...

Donate by direct deposit (e-Transfer to, pay by credit card, or mail a cheque.

All funds raised are being put towards our activities which are designed to promote the elevation of true science and a return to basic ethics in the medical profession.

Where does your donation go?

Disbursement of funds to support our projects is at the discretion of the society board. Please use the comment field with your donation if intended for a specific project.
  1. The legal firms of Peter Gall & Mark Nohra, legal fees/retainer: petition for judicial review of vaccine mandates for healthcare professionals in BC Supreme Court.

  2. The legal firm of Lee Turner, legal fees: appeals of Health Authorities' decisions to terminate unvaccinated doctors.

  3. Advertising and administration costs are covered by society membership fees.


Send e-Transfer to

Sign-in to online banking for your own bank to send an e-Transfer. The name in the recipient field can be left blank ... or use CSSEM.

No secret word is required; Funds are directly deposited to our BlueShore Credit Union account.

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We use the Square platform for credit card donations. Follow the link and click on your preferred donation or 'custom' amount.


Send us a cheque via snail mail to:

PO Box 78045

Port Coquitlam RPO Northside

BC  V3B 7H5

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