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2 ways to give ...

Donate by direct deposit (e-Transfer to, or mail a cheque.

All funds raised are being put towards our activities which are designed to promote the elevation of true science and a return to basic ethics in the medical profession.

Fund-o-meter at right updated on January 19.

Total is now rounded down to the nearest $1000.

Thanks for the support!

Our member group has previously raised $150,000 for our legal retainers (now spent) ... and we need another $300K. After a quick accounting adjustment on Oct. 28, the thermometer at left now represents the "real money in the bank" and no longer includes pledged amounts.

Where does your donation go?

Disbursement of funds to support our projects is at the discretion of the society board. Please use the comment field with your donation if intended for a specific project.
  1. The legal firms of Peter Gall & Mark Nohra, legal fees/retainer: petition for judicial review of vaccine mandates for healthcare professionals in BC Supreme Court.

  2. The legal firm of Lee Turner, legal fees: appeals of Health Authorities' decisions to terminate unvaccinated doctors.

  3. Advertising and administration costs are covered by society membership fees.

What happens if we have too much money?

Wow! I guess​ it's possible that the PHO will decide to cancel vaccine mandates before our petition gets to court. We still need funds to aggressively defend the rights of doctors who have lost health authority privileges. If we don't need all of the funds for our legal battles, funds will be distributed to other freedom groups to help with their court challenges (a decision made by the society directors after consultation with the membership). We are all in this [fight] together.


Send e-Transfer to

Sign-in to online banking for your own bank to send an e-Transfer. The name in the recipient field can be left blank ... or use CSSEM.

No secret word is required; Funds are directly deposited to our BlueShore Credit Union account.


Send us a cheque via snail mail to:

PO Box 78045

Port Coquitlam RPO Northside

BC  V3B 7H5

Collecting Money

Why don't we have a crowdfunding platform set up?

We did have one ... until Stripe cancelled it!


The financial company that supports most crowdfunding platforms and online donations in Canada (Stripe) has cancelled our account as "crowdfunding" is a "restricted business" according to their rules - even though they support thousands of other crowdfunding campaigns in Canada. I guess they don't like what we are funding.

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