Ethical Principles.

From the Nuremberg Code to the Hippocratic Oath, physicians pledge to be devoted to the service of their patients. The ethical principle of INFORMED CONSENT is paramount ... but has been crucially ignored throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nuremberg Code

Post World War II declaration to prevent future medical experimentation on human beings without consent.

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Hippocratic Oath

Do no harm!

The modern Hippocratic Oath is often considered a framework for ethical behaviour and decision-making in medicine. The 4 main tenets for ethical decision making are:

1. Beneficence (do good)

2. Non-maleficence (do no harm)

3. Autonomy (the right of self determination)

4. Justice (fair access to resources)


Informed Consent

The College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC has issued an updated guidance concerning patient consent.