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Bill 36 Info Page

Bill 36 postcards to be submitted in Legislative Assembly on Nov. 9!

All BC Physicians and Health Professionals are invited to attend the BC Legislature to fill the gallery for this event. Members of the public are encouraged to support and attend the press conference on the Parliament Building's front lawn at 11am.

Click on the banner for full details and to reserve your gallery seat.

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Human rights advocate, Gail Davidson, interpreted sections of Bill 36 HPOA in a BC-wide physicians & health professionals online meeting. Click below to open the presentation slides or video. She also wrote a letter directed to each of the BC MLA's asking them to repeal the HPOA.

The first BC Rising newsletter can be viewed by clicking here.

Quick! There's still time to get this digital postcard submitted on November 9!

Keep 'em coming. Every postcard sent to your MLA means they can't forget about us!

Inform your fellow BC residents about Bill 36. Send the WORD or PDF files above.

John Rustad

MLA, Nechako Lakes

Leader, BC Conservative Party

John will be submitting several thousand Bill 36 postcards into the BC legislature on November 9. Keep 'em coming even after this date.
Join us in Victoria on November 9. See you there!

The Bill 36 Packet!

This brand new PowerPoint video is a game-changer! Featuring Dr. Malthouse, Dr. Pincott, and several other Bill 36 Champions, this 40-minute video for the public explains how to use all of the Bill 36 campaign materials and to continue distribution to every health professional in BC.

Click on Rumble to open in larger window.


Call Now!

24-hour recorded 2-min Bill 36 info hotline (604) 659-9476

BC Rising Resources

Thank you to our friends at BC Rising for these great resources for us to educate our health care colleagues and the public about Bill 36.

Info packets are being delivered to health care professionals in BC.

Each Professional Bill 36 Packet includes (clickable):

  1. Instruction Sheet* (1)

  2. Cover Letter (1)

  3. Poster (1)

  4. Postcard - Medical/Health providers (1)

  5. Postcard - Patients (5)

  6. Flyer (5)

  7. Petition (1)

Hand Holding

What's in the packet and what to do with each item.

Rubik's Cube

What you need to know.

What you need to do!

Cup of Coffee

This one-pager is to place on walls and bulletin boards in medical offices.


Postcard for medical practitioners to send to their professional associations.


Postcard for patients to send to their MLA's.


This is for sharing widely. It highlights all of the concerns and action plans.

Hand Holding

Send this letter to your MLA (along with postcards completed by their concerned constituents). They need to know this stuff!

Social Media .jpeg Files to Share

The files shown below are easy to share across your favorite social media platforms.

If the image files won't save directly as .jpeg, we suggest that you right click and 'copy' an image file, 'paste' to another app, then save.

Do you tweet? #stopbill36 #helpstopbill36

Don't forget to link to us at

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Bill 36 flyer page 1a.jpg
To help us pay for printing of the Bill 36 packets, donate using e-Transfer to BCRising at

Go to the Bill 36 Media page for blogs, vlogs, letters, articles and poetry.

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