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We are still gathering petitions. Check below for a petition and info about our new project (in collaboration with BC Rising) to get Bill 36 repealed. Thanks! 


Call Now!

24-hour recorded 2-min Bill 36 info hotline (604) 659-9476

BC Rising Resources

Thank you to our friends at BC Rising for these great resources for us to educate our health care colleagues and the public about Bill 36.

Info packets are being delivered to health care professionals in BC.

Each Professional Bill 36 Packet includes:

  1. Instruction Sheet (1)

  2. Cover Letter (1)

  3. Poster (1)

  4. Postcard - Medical/Health providers (1)

  5. Postcard - Patients (5)

  6. Flyer (5)

  7. Petition (1)


What you need to know.

What you need to do!


This is for sharing widely. It highlights all of the concerns and action plans.

Rubik's Cube

Postcard for medical practitioners to send to their professional associations.


This one-pager is to place on walls and bulletin boards in medical offices.

Cup of Coffee

Postcard for patients to send to their MLA's.


What is in the Bill 36 packet and what to do with each item.

Social Media .jpeg Files to Share

The files shown below are easy to share across your favorite social media platforms.

If the image files won't save directly as .jpeg, we suggest that you right click and 'copy' an image file, 'paste' to another app, then save.

Do you tweet? #stopbill36 #helpstopbill36

Don't forget to link to us at

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Wanna help us pay for printing of the Bill 36 packets?
Donate using e-Transfer to
BCRising at

Bill 36 packets are being delivered to health care professionals around the province.
Click on an icon to the right for a script to consider using when delivering a packet to an office and a tracking sheet to keep track of who has received the packets. Thanks!

Bill 36 - The Health Professions and Occupations Act, 2022

The petitions to request that Bill 36 be repealed was submitted to the BC legislature on May 4 by John Rustad, MLA (Conservative) for Nechako Lakes. He has 17,500+ original signatures!
Click icons on the right for the petition and info sheet (including John's mailing address where the petitions are to be sent.

What's wrong with Bill 36?
Why 17,500 people signed a petition opposing BC's new healthcare act.

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Now is not the time.
BC faces growing backlash from health care professionals over Bill 36.

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