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We are in this together ... for ALL health care workers.


THANK YOU! We are so very thankful for our members, our families, our friends and ALL of our supporters. CSSEM will follow SCIENCE and ETHICS and will do our best to NEVER compromise the TRUST that has been bestowed upon us.

100% of funds raised by our supporters goes directly to the legal campaigns described on this website. The nominal administration costs for the Society (e.g. web hosting, accounting) are funded by members through annual membership dues. The Society financial report for 2023 can be found here.

JUDICIAL REVIEW SUMMARY: Big loss ... small victory.


The Judicial Review decision was handed down on May 10, 2024. The judge was asked to review the REASONABLENESS of the PHO (Bonnie Henry) orders from October 2023 which continued to impose a PUBLIC HEALTH STATE OF EMERGENCY in BC (due to COVID-19) and REQUIRE COVID-19 VACCINATION for health care workers who work in government-funded health care facilities.

We are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED, while not really surprised, that Judge Coval chose to DEFER to Dr. Henry's authority to make these public health orders using the information that she was provided ("the record").

REMARKABLY ... the SCIENCE concerning COVID-19 infection AND transmission must be DIFFERENT in British Columbia as ALL OTHER JURISDICTIONS IN NORTH AMERICA have welcomed their unvaxxed health care workers back MONTHS AGO!!!

appeals court.jpg

CSSEM has voted to APPEAL the J R decision!

It is important to hold judges accountable when they make poor decisions. The judiciary in BC appear to be TOO DEFERENTIAL to the government - in our case, to the PHO (Bonnie Henry) and the Minister of Health (Adrian Dix). We are able to achieve a SMALL VICTORY, however ... as the judge ruled that the PHO should reconsider the vaxx mandates that still apply to health care workers who WORK REMOTELY and do not interact directly with other health care workers OR patients. The judge agreed that SCIENCE demonstrates that COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through a phone or computer screen! Anyways ... the judge ruled that Bonnie Henry had the authority to make and enforce these vaxx mandates based on the information that was available to her in October 2023 (referred to as "the record"). The judge did not challenge government lawyers who presented "the record" that contained mostly biased assessments of COVID-19 risks prepared by PHO deputies. We believe that Judge Coval is WRONG, and that SCIENCE IS RIGHT! We are going to APPELATE COURT to argue this before 3 senior judges. We will have to raise a bit more money to cover court costs for the J R and the appeal as we expect that the court will likely assign the costs to CSSEM.

BC Arbitration Decision in Favour of Unvaxxed Employees!


Suzanne Anton, QC

Suzanne Anton, a former British Columbia attorney general, believed the recent Purolator arbitration case that ruled in favour of unvaccinated workers was to be a “game changer” that could have wiped out vaccine mandates for health care workers in the province. Unfortunately, our PHO believes that health care settings are different compared to other employment settings because of the vulnerable patients who must attend there ... BUT THE SCIENCE SHOWS THAT UNVAXXED HCW's DO NOT TRANSMIT THE VIRUS TO OTHERS ANY MORE THAN THEIR VAXXED COLLEAGUES! We don't even test for COVID hardly at all anymore ... and advise our vaxxed health care workers to return to work after only a few days if they get COVID.

View the Purolator full arbitration report here. Nicholas Glass, the arbitrator of the "BC Vaccination Grievances" initiated by Teamsters Local No. 31 vs Purolator Canada, has ruled that Purolator's extension of the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for its workers past June 2022 was unreasonable.

Suzanne Anton: "We need to change the way decisions are made about our health. Too much power is invested in an unelected official." Click to read the full article in VANOUVER IS AWESOME, August 8, 2023.


CPSBC Hearing on March 4 was adjourned.

Dr. Hoffe is a good friend of CSSEM. He bravely stood up against the harms to his patients caused by the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. His disciplinary hearing with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC was set to begin on March 4, 2024 - but has now been adjourned. Charles is accused of spreading "misinformation" concerning the COVID-19 pandemic and the public health response. Dr. Hoffe is being represented by his excellent lawyer, Lee Turner, and has an emerging army of medical experts set to defend him - including the FLCCC's own Dr. Pierre Kory! Have a peek at the 4-part series below.

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