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Legal Update (Sept. 15): The PHO has responded to our petition for judicial review. Our lawyers are working hard to clarify our legal position and we have 6 weeks to submit our rebuttal. Our 10 days in court begin November 28, 2022.

Go to our Projects page to see the Petition for Judicial Review.


Is it WAR OR PEACE for healthcare professionals in BC?

WAR AND PEACE is considered to be one of the largest novels. It is about 1200 pages spread over several volumes. The PHO has submitted a rebuttal affidavit and documents to respond to our court submission that is twice as large as Tolstoy's novel ... 2500 pages!!! The taxpayers of BC have had to pay for this superfluous ream of paper from Dr. Brian Emerson, a Deputy Public Health Officer. Our lawyers have only a few weeks to submit our rebuttal ... but it's going to be good. We just continue to follow the science and the truth.

We stand with our health care colleagues - the nurses & midwives of BC.


Two groups with one common goal: Let's get BC's fired healthcare professionals back to work to serve the needs of British Columbians. Who are the BC healthcare heroes?

They are the nurses who triage the sick and injured at the front door of the emergency department. They are the midwives who help bring babies into the world safely. They are the nurses who care for the sick, injured and frail in our hospitals, long term care facilities and in the client's homes.


Our billboard in West Kelowna.
Watch for more billboards soon!

Have you been vaxx injured? Maybe someone you know?


Some of our members and friends are touring in northern BC to raise awareness about vaccine injuries ... and to gather stories from folks who have been injured by the jabs. See them in a city or town near you!

Our health systems in British Columbia are in a precarious state, yet our government officials believe valuable staff are expendable in a time of staffing crisis. Check out this video to know more about the state of BC’s healthcare system and how you can help "HIRE BACK OUR HEROES".

What are we trying to accomplish?

Our Opposition to the Directives of the PHO

When science and logic don't work ... you have to take the government to court.

Court cases are expensive ... and many of our members have been unable to work since November.

The government has unlimited financial resources (taxpayers' money) and will likely fight these legal challenges all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. This will likely cost in excess of $1 million.

We humbly ask for financial assistance from the public - our families, friends and patients.

Please join our fight for truth, science, and vaccine choice. This fight is for us all ... and for our children.


Protect Privacy

The Provincial Health Officer wants to release personal, private medical information about individual health professionals to the public.


Remove BC Public Health Emergency

Under this "emergency" state, the PHO has extraordinary powers to impose orders without legislative oversight - resulting in serious restrictions to individual freedoms.


Re-Hire All Fired Healthcare Workers

The science shows that unvaccinated healthcare workers are not a hazard to patients. BC's healthcare system needs all of our devoted HCWs and staff hired back!


The PHO has been firing and threatening doctors and other healthcare workers since the fall of 2021.

Many of these healthcare workers were "heroes" - on the front lines - caring for sick patients early in the pandemic.

After Bonnie Henry backed off on enforcement of the March 24 deadline, she stated that she would apply a

more "nuanced" approach to deal with each group of regulated health professionals. Who falls next?

October 26, 2021

Hospital and Facility Staff Fired

All unvaccinated healthcare workers were laid off without pay as they were deemed to be a hazard to their patients and co-workers.

March 24, 2022

Community-based HCWs to be Fired

All unvaccinated, regulated, private healthcare professionals were to be banned from working - until Bonnie backed off.

March 31, 2022

Vaxx Status Reported to Colleges

Unvaccinated health professionals had to report vaxx status to colleges; PHO intended to make this info public. When?

Performing Surgery
Senior Doctor
Vaccinating A Child

Help us fight these vaccine mandates. Together we can make her "follow the science" and protect our healthcare system in British Columbia. Bonnie Henry must be stopped!