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About Us

We are your BC doctors - family doctors, surgeons and specialists - banding together to support each other in our fight for medical freedom for ourselves, our colleagues, our patients ... and especially for our children.

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The Society.

A new non-member-funded society created to support legal actions in BC. 

• A Society incorporated under the Societies Act in the Province of British Columbia.

• Business number S0076329.

• Date of incorporation: April 4, 2022.

Our Purposes.

We represent a group of 50+ doctors who are opposed to PHO mandates for healthcare workers. We are fighting for science, truth and vaccine choice.

• To identify and eliminate unethical practices in medicine.

• To educate the public regarding unethical pressures on medical practice.

• To advocate for the elimination of unethical pressures on medical practice.

• To develop ethical practice groups in order to uphold the highest standard in medical practice.

• To receive funds from donors and members to support the above activities, including legal actions for these activities.

• To educate Society members regarding the highest ethical medical practice.

Our Impact.

384 years of experience lost - across all specialties and primary care.

Due to vaccine mandates for physicians who work in BC health care facilities, our members are unable to provide the following services:

  • 3962 hours of work lost EVERY MONTH!

  • 6756 patient encounters lost EVERY MONTH!

  • 240 operations not performed EVERY MONTH!

Our Members.


York Hsiang

Vascular Surgery, British Columbia (32 years)

"I am a Professor Emeritus of Surgery and former head of the Dept. of Vascular Surgery at UBC. I was a consultant surgeon at VGH and involved in research and teaching. I chose to retire when vaccine mandates were enforced."


Stephen  Malthouse

Family Medicine, British Columbia (43 years)

"I am not inoculated with COVID-19 experimental products! My medical license was suspended by the CPSBC for writing mask and vaxx exemptions and for providing evidence-based information to parents."


Kevin Sclater

Family Medicine, British Columbia (30 years)

"I was briefly suspended from working in hospital and hospice due to my unvaxxed status but have been reinstated after PHO approval of my medical exemption request. I have natural immunity with persisting COVID-19 antibodies measurable at 15-months post infection."


Matthew Dykstra

Family Medicine, British Columbia (6 years)

"I am still able to work in my rural community but have been prevented from doing my hospital work since October 2021. I lament the strain Dr Henry's mandate has placed on patient care in my community, and the tension it has caused amongst my colleagues. I have repeatedly asked Dr Henry's office to provide evidence that unvaccinated physicians are more likely to get COVID from, and spread COVID to their patients vs vaccinated physicians, but remain unsuccessful. I have had COVID and am fully recovered. Robust evidence suggests I am at least as safe as my vaccinated colleagues to work. I am not opposed to the covid-19 vaccination but will not participate in the unethical practice of forced medical treatments/vaccinations/therapies."


Anna Kindy

Addiction Medicine, British Columbia (35 years)

"I continue to work supporting addicted and marginalized patients on Vancouver Island. I am vaccinated (for COVID-19) but strongly believe in informed consent and bodily integrity. The policy of lockdowns of the healthy to protect the vulnerable has failed. Lockdowns have damaged the physical and mental health of our population - especially the vulnerable - and some will never recover. Mandates and passports for a non-sterilizing 'leaky' vaccine have not protected the people of BC (it does not prevent infection or transmission of COVID-19) but has created serious divisions in our society and stigmatized the unvaccinated."


Gerald Lubbe

Family Medicine, British Columbia (36 years)

"Since October 26, 2021, I have been unable to admit to 100 Mile House Hospital, and unable to visit patients in acute or long term care - or even provide telephone advice concerning these patients. I have also been unable to work in the emergency department despite staff shortages and closures."


Monica Fofie

Family Medicine, British Columbia

My bio is coming soon.


Dale Classen

Plastic Surgery, BC/Alberta (30 years)

"I was fired in the fall of 2021 by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta for choosing not to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. I was concerned about the absence of long-term safety studies and questionable vaccine efficacy. Mandatory policies with experimental vaccines violate the right to informed consent and personal autonomy and are unethical."


Joshua Nordine

Family Medicine, British Columbia

"I continue to work in my community office but vaccine mandates have prevented me from attending my patients in hospital, hospice and LTC. I also lost my contract to work at an addiction treatment centre due to the vaxx mandates. I am the spokesperson for the "Hire Back our Heroes" campaign."


Theresa Szezepaniak

Hospitalist, British Columbia (25 years)

"I have been unable to care for sick, hospitalized patients since October 2021. I was called a 'hero' when providing front line care for COVID-19 patients in 2020-21, and caught COVID from one of my patients. Now that I have natural immunity, I'm still banned from returning to work and teaching. There are no other doctors available to replace me so my colleagues are getting burned out.



Family Medicine, British Columbia (30 years)

"I was suspended from working in a long term care facility in November 2021. I continue to work in community-based family medicine. I'm unvaccinated for COVID-19. I have natural immunity."



Internal Medicine, British Columbia (20 years)

"I was suspended from working in a hospital in October 2021. I continue to work in the community but my hospital colleagues struggle with increased hours of work to cover my shifts. I had COVID-19 infection and have natural immunity."



Surgeon, British Columbia

“The requirement of public health officials to respect the doctrines of both Informed Consent and Voluntary Consent when offering any medical treatment are absolute. As a specialist who is C-19 vaccine-free I will never stop fighting for the right of the individual to direct their own medical decisions free of threat, coercion and intimidation.  These unscientific and unnecessary mandates only harm our patients and our communities.”



Family Medicine, British Columbia (20 years)

"I am a Canadian-trained family physician with more than 20 years of practice experience, working in an urban setting in British Columbia providing longitudinal care to my patients of all ages."



Family Medicine, British Columbia (36 years)

"I had COVID-19 and have natural immunity. I chose not to be jabbed with novel mRNA products. I left my practice as I cannot work in a system where the CPSBC punishes those who follow evidence-based strategies to treat early COVID. I can no longer even teach medical students via Zoom."



Surgeon, British Columbia (10 years)

"I have been unable to work since October 2021 as my specialty requires access to operating rooms within hospitals. I am applying to work in the USA."



Family Physician, British Columbia

"I work in a rural community and cannot attend my patients in hospital or in long term care facilities. I'm looking into job opportunities in Alberta and US."



Family Physician, British Columbia

"My bio is coming soon."



Physician, British Columbia

"I am a hospital-based doctor who was coerced - against better scientific judgement and against my conscience - to get the jabs. As the sole income-earner in my family, I chose to feed my family. Never again!"



Physician, British Columbia

"My bio is coming soon."



Surgery, British Columbia

"I am a surgeon from Vancouver Island and a recent addition to this group."

Physicians, British Columbia

We prefer to keep our personal identifiers private for fear of reprisal.

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