Our Petition was filed on June 10, 2022.

See the link below to our legal petition filed in BC Supreme Court asking for a judicial review of ongoing vaccine mandates which continue to restrict the ability of many health care professionals to work. The three petitioners named in the document are a surgeon, a physician and a nurse. They are backed up by this society of 40+ member physicians. There are also hundreds of other health care professionals who fully support the statements of fact contained within the petition.

Petition filed in the Supreme Court of BC

June 10, 2022

Vaccine mandates
for healthcare professionals must be quashed!

"There is no reasonable basis to conclude that there is presently an emergency sufficient to justify the ongoing use of the emergency powers underlying the November 18 Order; and, in any event, there is no reasonable basis to support the conclusion that the mandatory vaccination of health professionals is effective or necessary to reduce transmission of the virus in affected health care settings, in light of the best available evidence and present circumstances. As such, the November 18 Order is unreasonable and unlawful, and must be quashed."


Article by Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun, 

July 6, 2022

Vancouver lawyer seeking justification for ongoing COVID-19 health orders that 'trample rights'.

This article is the first one published in mainstream media to bring attention to our petition for a judicial review of the 'reasonableness' of ongoing vaccine mandates for health care workers in the context of the current COVID-19 realities. There is no longer a provincial public health "state of emergency" that justifies ongoing PHO mandates that infringe upon the charter rights of physicians, nurses and other health care workers who choose not to be vaccinated with COVID-19 products.

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Article by Lee Harding, Epoch Times

June 15, 2022

"Exclusion of unvaccinated BC health staff hurting patient care", says Surgeon who filed legal petition.

Dr. York Hsiang is a Vancouver vascular surgeon and one of the named plaintiffs in the petition requesting a judicial review of vaccine mandates in BC. In the interview for The Epoch Times, Dr. Hsiang elaborates on the importance of this petition for the health care system in BC.

"There is a massive health care crisis with a lack of healthcare workers being available. Some of these healthcare workers, like [many in] our group, were terminated. The impact of it is that many of the remaining healthcare workers are now overworked".


Interview with Kid Carson, podcast

June 14, 2022

Taking Bonnie Henry to Supreme Court

Dr. York Hsiang is a Vancouver vascular surgeon and one of the named plaintiffs in the petition requesting a judicial review of vaccine mandates in BC. In this podcast interview with Kid Carson, Dr. Hsiang describes how the petition questions the reasonableness of the vaccine mandates for healthcare workers now that the predominant spreading COVID-19 variant is Omicron. The PHO has failed to respond to FOI requests to provide the evidence that unvaccinated healthcare professionals can transmit the virus to other staff and patients to a greater degree than vaccinated staff. In addition, the PHO has failed to consider that evidence of natural immunity or periodic antigen testing could be alternatives to wide-sweeping mandates.

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